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UAMC and Lennar

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UAMC and Lennar

Has anyone had any problems getting approved with UAMC?  I guess I am just a little nervous...  I had credit problems in the past my score was 540 All is off my report and now have 818.  I guess those  old ghosts still haunt me.  Does that fear ever go away?  I am a wreck!

 How are they to deal with?  How is lennar to deal with?

we moved to a new area last year and have been looking at homes, builders and I like Lennar..  But I am nervous about getting a loan.  I have enough to put 20% down.  I am also eligible for a va loan.  The only thing I owe is student loans for grad school.  

Thanks for your help!

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Re: UAMC and Lennar

dont worry.

you should have no problem getting approved

i was pre approved and my middle Fico score sonly 620


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Re: UAMC and Lennar

Thank you so much for your reply!  I am just such a wreck!  Those old ghosts are haunting me.  When your score was so low and worked so hard to get them up and really change your life, I worry about everything.  I am one of those people that when I stop at a traffic light and a cop pulls up behind me I get nervous.  Lol

i hope to hear something this week.  

Did you work with UAMC?  Are they good to work with?  Any issues?


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Re: UAMC and Lennar

Yes i worked with UAMC .

They take your info pver the phone ,run your credit and if any issues come up they will let u know what to do next to correct them.

And if they have any incentives going at that time you will get them ifu en up closing and using UAMC

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Re: UAMC and Lennar

They are paying the closing costs and also some upgrade incentives.  How do you like your Lennar home?  I like their construction.  But time will tell when and if I get to move in!


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Re: UAMC and Lennar

Good thing about the credit business they mostly have short memories, you should to, I mean don't forget what happened just don't live in fear.  You're all worked up and not even apped yet, LOL. Relax, you got this.  


You're gonna app and if something needs attention they'll contact you and you work it out, but I don't think you're have gonna any condtions, but if so not a big deal.


Don't know much about Lennar, but they sell alot of houses, so they must do something right.  You'll hear occasional horror stories about any builder.  Educate yourself so you know whats going on is best.  


Taking advantage of the builders preferred lender is not a bad dea, especially if they agree to pay the closing costs, you're talking thousands of dollars.  

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Re: UAMC and Lennar

I 100% agree with Bamaguy!!
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Re: UAMC and Lennar

Thank you.  I feel better.  I gave the LO all the information they needed on Thursday.  So now I just have to wait and be patient, which is not so easy!  I sold two houses last year and moved to a new area for a new job.  I wanted to get to know the area before I too this plunge.  I also wanted to ensure I liked the job and the company I work for.  

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Re: UAMC and Lennar

Ok. I heard back today and had to sign a million things and send them back.  Things are much different from my last loan 20+ years ago.  Was in the military, did va loan.  I think they only needed you last LES and make sure you had a pulse!  Now they want your first born and you still don't know if you are approved!  Lol

thanks to everyone for your help!  This is a frustrating, scary thing!


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Re: UAMC and Lennar

I just closed on my Lennar Home and I used UAMC.. I will admit, while going through the process I wanted to kill them because I didn't understand a lot. This is my first home, but now looking back. I am very happy I chose them and to be honest with you, unless you are using your very own Credit Union, I wouldn't have got approved through anyone else. Good Luck. If you have any detailed questions I will help. My scores were only 619,654,629 and al I have is a Student Loan and personal loan.

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