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UPDATE: for those following my story...

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Re: UPDATE: for those following my story...

Sorry it took me a while to update, I've just been really busy twiddling my thumbs waiting for someone in this short sale saga to do their darn job. Bank had countered to close on July 23... Still no written approval andddddddd my moron realtor decided to take a 2 week vacation.



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Re: UPDATE: for those following my story...

London I applaud you for not giving up and I kinda know what you are going through.  I placed a contract on a fore-closure for a purchase price of 78000 trying to get more for my money.  I lost the house because it only appraised for 88000 and the repairs came to 17000-20000, suffice it say the Sellers wouldnt lower the price,  I lost the house, but God gave me something so much better a home that I have fallen in love with and it have everything that.  London dont give up on your dreams keep looking for homes you may be surprised that their may be one just as lovely.

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