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USDA Certificate of Elegibility

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USDA Certificate of Elegibility



    I have a Certificate of Elegibility that expired two weeks before the goverment shutdown, I send a letter to get an extention,couple days later a got a letter from the USDA office sayin a got the extention for only one week because they may be furloughed if the goverment continue with the shutdown

   So the goverment shut down happened, now i dont know were I stand. Do I have to re-apply or I can use the one I have, I just found a nice home and I would like to make an offer. I live in Sutton Ma and Im using the USDA office in Holden Ma.

Thank you so much for your help.

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Re: USDA Certificate of Elegibility

What is a USDA certificate of eligibility? Is that for the direct loan program?


I would guess that you have to contact the same people you did to get the extension.

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Re: USDA Certificate of Elegibility

Follow up with USDA my contract expired during the shut down 10/7/2013 however I emailed during the shutdown to inquire about the extension and when the government reopened I got an extension from the 20th for 30 days
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Re: USDA Certificate of Elegibility

I received my certificate of Eligibility today but on page 4 it said that funds may not be available.  I am now very confused.  Today is April 2, 2015.  she said closing would be in June.  I do not care I am happy.  But my question is this,  Does everyone get the same that funds may not be available?

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Re: USDA Certificate of Elegibility

We got ours today too, but I haven't read it all yet. Please tell me what else is on that page, so I can locate it in my thick stack of papers & see if we have the same message.


I've had a chance to carefully read it all & there is no mention of funds possibly not being available here in Virginia. In which state do you live, Brenda? 

Thanks to this forum, I stayed sane while buying our 1st home via USDA Direct & closed on July 31st, 2015, our 108th day under contract. Two weeks later, we applied for an auto loan from DCU & got approved! Now, all we need is the white picket fence installed.
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