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USDA Guaranteed Income Question


USDA Guaranteed Income Question

Ive read that all household income is counted. Has this changed?

My LO has told me that my wife's income won't be counted since she's not on the loan. Can someone help me with what's correct?

I'm the only one on loan but if they request wife's income it will put over limit.
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Re: USDA Guaranteed Income Question

USDA will need your wifes pay stubs as her income will matter for USDA only. The amount of you can borrow will be your income alone. I close on my USDA guaranteed loan on the 26th and i 'm the only one on the loan but we had to give USDA my husbands income to make sure we did not exceed the income requirement.
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Re: USDA Guaranteed Income Question

I just switched from USDA to FHA for this very reason.  USDA wanted my estranged husband's income (he lives 1,000 miles away and we are legally separated).  I have no way of giving them the documentation they were asking for, so had to make the switch.  It stinks, but as they say, "them's the rules".

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