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USDA Home Loan Progress *Update

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USDA Home Loan Progress *Update

Hey guys it’s been a good while but I had something’s to take care of since my last post.

I thought it was very cool of my fellow USDA home loan folks to post here; the stories really helped me make my decision to do the same so here’s where I am.

10/03 contacted L/O

10/05 Pulled Credit Reports

10/11 informed I was USDA Qualified

Started looking at homes in the qualified areas

10/26 made first offer on a home – offer countered

10/28 final offer accepted

11/03 scheduled appraisal and home inspection

11/14 appraised above asking price

11/16 home inspection completed (minor fixes nothing major)

11/19 finished up app for underwriters via L/O

11/20 Send app to USDA for final word

11/23 word from underwriter (need a couple letters of ex) sent them to L/O

11/27 Underwriter is complete and ready (just waiting on USDA)

Now I wait…. And wait Loll (tentative closing on 12/20) hopefully.

I will keep you posted.


Soooooo found out today that the Underwriters didn't send the pkg in to USDA as planned .... have to be out by the end of the month and no word yet on a closing date... 


Oh well... now we wait.... and hopefully good news tomorrow or Monday.



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