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USDA RD loan approval and timeframe

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Re: USDA RD loan approval and timeframe

be careful, new fha guidelines as of April 5,2010 limits the amount of seller contribution closing costs to 3% which might spoil your plan so you better pick an option quick if so.

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Re: USDA RD loan approval and timeframe

That's not so bad.  We found our house in the beginning of November.  Our original close date was December 21st.  It's a short sale so we knew that wasn't going to happen.  The next closing date we has was February 4th.  Then they finally accepted our offer and out close date was March 11th.  Then a lien showed up on the title search and we weren't getting the house at all so we were scrambling to find other options.  Then they resolved the lien and our closing date was April 1st.  And here we are now, 2 days from closing and the lender said she should be getting the appraisal papers tonight and will submit them to UW tomorrow.


We talked to her today and she gave answers and didn't contradict herself in the next sentence so I'm feeling a little better.  She said the UW will take 2-3 business days (longer if we have to pay off our car, but only as long as we make it).  Then it gets sent to the local USDA office and their current turn around time is 15 business days.  She stressed *business* days... so we're looking at 3-4 weeks total.  That puts us at the last week of April... so she said on or before April 29th.  We'll probably extend till May 3rd so that we don't have to make our first payment till July 1st.  2 and a half months rent free will make all this waiting seem worth it, considering the month-to-month charge we've been paying to this awful apartment makes rent the same price as our mortgage (with taxes and insurance included!) and living with my uncle for the last bit of April will give us some wriggle room if there's another *short* delay.


But for this house?  As long as nothing epic happens, the whole experience will be totally worth it.  The seller paid 44% more for the house 3 years ago than we are getting it for - that's almost *double*!!

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