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USDA direct


USDA direct

Hi everyone. So, I'm waiting for the last step in my process my loan officer is sending my file for underwriter to either find eligible or not the issue is I've been waiting and waiting my loan officer keeps saying my file hasn't been assigned a underwriter yet that my file is in que still... has this happened to anyone else? How long does the underwriting take once they have it? I can't be mad at my loan officer cause he's been very helpful and answers me back immediately but what can I do to get this moving along here? Any suggestions. I'm getting impatient but don't want to keep bothering my loan officer either. 
thanks in advance for any helpful advice.


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Re: USDA direct

Hey Gracie, 


Were you able to get any update on the eligibility approval? Also, about how long did it take before your application was approved by the underwriter?

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