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USDA loan and DTI

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USDA loan and DTI

We got pre approved by 1 lender but it's a new build  so we have to get pre approved from there perferd as a precaution because I was told that anyone can get a pre approval. We made the offer and it was accepted and with what our payment (taxes,ins,hoa included) and  other debts makes our DTI 25/43... My lender says that's ok but I've read online it's 29/41. My husbandS middle score is 724 and mine 698. All we had saved was 1000.00 which we put for earnest payment. I'm worried wells won't pre approve us. This won't loan also won't close until march because it's a new build and by then because we love with family right now our dti will be about 25/39-49 and we will have around 6000.00 saved. Should we rest assured we will be ok? This is so new to us.

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Re: USDA loan and DTI

I wish i had it offhand but i can't find the DTI.


I think it depends where you live cause i was told the same thing for DTI USDA was 41on thebackend but i actually closed with 44.. So i don't know if it's just here in Texas or what... you might want to check with the local USDA or just call your lender to find out what the actual MAX is.


Good luck!

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