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USDA loan in Florida

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Re: USDA loan in Florida


Just wanted to say that I am also waiting on USDA to approve my loan.  Mine was sent in Nov. 27th and I was told it would take at least 30 - 35 days.  The confirmation they gave my loan officer when she sent it in was that they were working on loans from Oct.8th - Oct.15th.  As I was reading on here, I came across the hotline number and that someone said they had brought in more help.  So, I decided to call just to see what the week they were on and I was floored!!!  They are working on files that came in from Oct.16th - Nov.6th!!!!!!!  That's 3 weeks worth of files, when usually they just work on 1 week!!  I'm so excited and hope they actually can speed things up. I signed the contract on my home in October and was supposed to close Nov.29th, but they had to file an extension.... It's crazy how backed up they are considering a year ago it only took around 3 business days.  Good Luck to everyone, hope this helped some.  The hotline for FL is 352-338-3421.

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Re: USDA loan in Florida

@Tay0509 and berrios (if I'm not mistaken) Since you guys have been dealing with USDA you might be able to help in my decision to buy a house with USDA instead of FHA. I picked USDA because I know there's no down payment required, however the credit score should be 640 and up (correct me if I'm wrong). I make about 45K a year, since I'm paying rent (apartment) for $789 so I figured If I can get a loan where I'll be paying between 1250 and 1450, it'll be a happy day for me. 


What do you think about my options? I'm not in a rush, I'd love my credit score to reach 700 by April 2013, I have 630 right now. Any help would be appreciated. 

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