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Unpaid debt unknown, how to find it?

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Unpaid debt unknown, how to find it?

We pulled a report on my boyfriend this past March.  He's had so many problems that it is possible that there are OC and CA accounts that have aged off that he does not even know were there.  How can we find out what has aged off?  Can we get a full factual on him somehow??  Eventually there will be a mortgage application where he will have to disclose unpaid debts, and it would be best to find out what these debts are and settle them now that they've fallen off of his report.  Just not sure how to go about finding them to do this.

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Re: Unpaid debt unknown, how to find it?

Does he have a vague idea of who he owed money to?  Honestly I think we all have a pretty good idea of where we've "gone wrong" in the past.  Call them up and ask.  If it was sold, the OC will have a record of who it went to.  Beyond that, I'm not sure there is a way.  If he doesn't have knowledge of if/who he owes money to, I don't think it would be fraudulent to omit it.  You can't report what you don't know.

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Re: Unpaid debt unknown, how to find it?

I honestly do not think he knows.  There are a few small ones on there, like utility bills and a local market, that I know he would not have even remembered.  He's been taking the "ignore it until it goes away" approach.  There are some items that are about to age off that he will settle after they do, but I just wonder what else has fallen off that we cannot see that may come back to haunt him in the future.



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Re: Unpaid debt unknown, how to find it?

And...I've seen several people talk about banks pulling a full and factual report for higher mortgage amounts.  If anyone knows how a consumer can get one of these, please advise!!!

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Re: Unpaid debt unknown, how to find it?

I have been looking into this and this is what I've found.  The full and factual is also know as the residential mortgage credit report.  Honestly, it doesn't seem to be anything "magic".  The other descriptions I've read say this report also goes back seven years.


Residential mortgage credit report (RMCR) is a supplemental report that provides details on items that have been flagged in a merge report as a result of combining reports from Equifax, Trans Union andExperian.

Your lender may request a residential mortgage credit report when you are applying for a mortgage and the RMCR will contain combined information from at least two of the three national credit bureaus. It will check whether your residency, employment, credit scores, etc are compliant with or exceeding Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, and VA guidelines.

The residential mortgage credit report (RMCR) is used by mortgage lending customers when different trade line verifications are needed, and includes features as verification and update of collection accounts, re-verification of disputed information, verification of liabilities, and other relevant items.


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Re: Unpaid debt unknown, how to find it?

     If you can see them on your CR, then so can the mortgage lender.  What you are referring to is TLs that have been excluded due to them passing the CRTP.  Now there are instances where a full report, including those that have "aged off" can be pulled.


1.  A mortgage of 150K+

2.  Applying for a job with an annual salary of 75K+


Even with this exception, although it is possible, they very rarely use this when you app for a mortgage.  Of course they can just ask you if you have any unpaid debts.

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