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Update to No FICO score/Mortgage

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Update to No FICO score/Mortgage

We were preapproved yesterday for a mortgage with no FICO score (we closed everything about 8 yrs ago to see if we could live without debt, didn't realize my score would go away). We have 3 tradelines on the CRs but they aren't 6 months old until Dec, no negative anything.  I provided 2 years of bank statements, bills/receipts for cell phones, internet service, rent, etc. They only requested 12 months but I keep paperwork and it is always organized so I thought it would be better to give them all the info and let them discard what they didn't want or need. I also provided 3 letters from the above monthly bills stating that we had been on time and not late for the past 24 months (again they asked for 12 months). 2 years of tax statements also.


I voluntarily provided mutual fund info, 2 other bank accts and their statements. I was able to show that in the spring we bought a 2 yr old SUV in cash and how I had made "payments" to myself for a little over a year to accomplish that.


So, it all went to the underwriter (actual person, not automated) and it was quickly approved. In December we will have a credit score again so we'll see where they start us out and go from there. Oh, the mortgage is for a conv mortgage, not VA (husband is active duty) or FHA.


So there is hope for those of you without a credit score and wanting a mortgage.

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Re: Update to No FICO score/Mortgage

Nice going.  How much of a down payment do you have?

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Re: Update to No FICO score/Mortgage

What type of lender underwrote the loan?

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