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VA Loan Pre Approval

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VA Loan Pre Approval

Hello everyone I need some help on this one. I was ch.7 discharged on 11/10, I was able to get 3 cc, small auto loan, badcock and small signature loan after discharge. Since that time my score has been up and down because of a 30/60 day late on sig loan in 6-7/2011, 30 cap one 6/2011, and 2 medical collections that I paid in full last month but they will not delete them. My mid score (lender pull) is 610 and have a combined income that is good with a dti @ 15%. The lender said that if it was him he would wait to get those lates cleaned up and not start construction even though the closing won't be until 12-1/2013 in the event that I can't get a deal done and lose my money I put in to it. What do you guys/gals think? Have anyone been in this situation before? Dunno what to do. We have already put money down to hold a huge corner lot for our new home. Some many decisions.

Starting Score: EQ 425 (Discharged Ch. 7 BK 11/16/2010)
Current Score: EQ 600/TU 677/EX 663 (All Lender Pull 11/10/2012)
Goal Score: 700 Cross The Board

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