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Waiting for Clear to Close - Oil to Gas Rebate Deadline

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Waiting for Clear to Close - Oil to Gas Rebate Deadline

So I was told my file has been submitted to the underwriter for final review on June 10th. I've given them everything, there is nothing I can do anymore but wait.


How long does this process usually take before I get my clear to close? and then to actually close?


This is critical to me because I am trying to beat a deadline for a Oil to Gas conversion $2000 rebate that requires paperwork from a contractor to be filed by June 24th.


I am scared I am not going to make the deadline, because afterall $2000 isnt chump change


I've spoken to my loan officer time and time again about the situation but she cannot give me a clear cut answer saying she'll do her best.


Do anyone think I can get a contractor to file the paperwork before the 24th? even though technically I didn't close or own the house yet.


Looking forward to your replies




Stressed Out






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Re: Waiting for Clear to Close - Oil to Gas Rebate Deadline

You'd have to post the paperwork - if it just requires a contractor's signature stating they will be doing the work at some point in the future... seems pretty harmless, but who knows what the paperwork says.


Underwriting usually just takes 2-3 days to review documents, if it was sent in last Thursday then it should be reviewed any day now.  Each lender has a standard turn time they anticipate items being reviewed within, your loan officer should be able to tell you what the anticipated turn time when your loan was submitted to the underwriter, and then if it's more than 24 hours past then they should be able to get the underwriting manager to give it greater priority.

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