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We did it!!!

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We did it!!!

I just wanted to thank everyone on these forums that gave excellent advice!! We closed on our first home on Monday!! A beautiful new-build!!! The rebuild process was grueling, but so well worth it. We have come so far, thanks in part to all the knowledge on these boards. Y'all are the best and my family and I truly thank you!! WE DID IT!!!!!!! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: We did it!!!

Congrats on the new home!!

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Re: We did it!!!

Congrats on the rebuild and new home!


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Re: We did it!!!


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Re: We did it!!!


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Re: We did it!!!

@firsthome2019 wrote:


We did it!!!


Congratulations in completing your journey!!! Best of luck to you and enjoy your new homeSmiley Happy


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Re: We did it!!!

Congrats on your new home!!

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