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Weird Timing with Auto Lease

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Weird Timing with Auto Lease

Hi everyone,


I'm getting ready to start the pre-qualification of a Jumbo Loan mortgage with a minimum credit score requirement of 710. I'm currently in the high 600's but I'm waiting till the end of the month to do this so that my updated CC balances reflect (AZEO) to meet the required credit score.


Back in May, my wife and I applied to lease a car from Tesla. We were approved but had to wait about 8 weeks before we were able to take delivery of the car. We took delivery in July.


When I pulled my credit report a few days ago, I realized that the Tesla lease is not reporting on our CR.


This leaves me with a few questions, assuming DTI ratios are not an issue:


1) When will the lease start reporting on my CR?

2) Will having a new auto loan hurt my mortgage rates?

3) How else could this affect my chances at approval for a mortgage?


Thank you for your insight.



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Re: Weird Timing with Auto Lease

You need to call the lender who carries the Lease to answer the question “why or when will it report” your scores could well take a hit when it first reports. Call the lease holder 1st to get answers.
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