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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage On Line

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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage On Line

Be alerted that Wells Fargo Bank Home Mortgages will terminate their online site 12-31-19.


If you are interested in having on line options you will need to establish or re-establish an online banking relationship. There is no exception!


In the event you used to be a Wells Fargo Banking customer it is likely they may still have your old profile in the system and you may need to update the profile. In the event Wells Fargo is unable to verfiy you, it will be required that you present yourself at a Wells Fargo Bank Branch and establish who you are through their verification process.


Now for those of you who do NOT have a close by Wells Fargo Banking Branch, they assured me that their telephone system may be utilized to obtain Wells Fargo Bank Mortgage information.


Got'ta love the modern technology?


As to verification I am taking my: Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Passport, Natural Gas bill, current Property Tax Statement and the actual mailed Wells Fargo Bank Mortgage monthly payment statement (yes, paper they don't use e-statements) along with my telephone bills to prove my telephone numbers (the onfile old Sign On information has other telephone numbers so they say they don't know who I am - laugh that was over ten years ago and even LexisNexis isn't showing them). Oh, and they want an ID Card with picture and current adress on it (Driver's License). Yes, I am over killing them with factual proof. They need to know I will not go down with the ship!


The best part is that once Online Banking Sign On has been established there may be possibilities for more products? Smiley Happy

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Re: Wells Fargo Home Mortgage On Line

Thanks for letting folks know. !!

My rebuild worked for me, but won't necessarily work for you!
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