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Wells Fargo, RELS credit and Transunion.

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Wells Fargo, RELS credit and Transunion.

When RELS credit pulled my credit report again on April 28. I got a report in the mail. Only listed Transunion on there. My score was 696 and my wifes transunion score was 717. Since RELS pulled it, are these FICO scores?? Are they only using Transunion to approve me for the loan?? Or can they use all three credit Bureaus? Will the underwriter stick with Transunion and not use Experian or Equifax?  Just confused about all this because if they would of used all three credit bureaus then they would of sent me a report of the three right??

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Re: Wells Fargo, RELS credit and Transunion.

Yes that is your FICO score I believe RELS was the company that they use that provides them with your credit score information, but it is a FICO score. I'm going through Wells Fargo and I received the same letter and my Transunion score was used also.

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