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What credit scores are used for mortgage?

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What credit scores are used for mortgage?

My husband and I are hoping to buy a home next year and I was wondering what credit scores are used for FHA.  I know they take the middle score, but is it the middle score for each of us?  For example, if my middle score is 650 and his is 590, would we not qualify for a loan together?  We both have almost the exact same scores right now, but I'm wondering if we need to focus on getting both of our scores way up or just one of ours.  Thanks!

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Re: What credit scores are used for mortgage?

In the example above, they would use the 590 score.  If one spouse's income is sufficient to meet the requirements, then that spouse can apply alone and they will use only that score.  But if you need both incomes, then they use the lowest person's middle score.


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