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Whats the rule on BK7

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Whats the rule on BK7



I am going to use my VA guarantee to buy a home.  Our bk7 will be 2 years old middle of febuarary.


I have talked to two different loan officers at the same credit union (different branches)


One said that I needed to wait to apply for the loan till the day after the 2 year period ended.


The other said that I could apply before the day as long as we dont try to close until after the 2 year period.  Being that it typically takes 30 days to close, he said we would be safe applying around middle of Jan or first of Feb.



Which one sounds like the right answer?  We just want to know so we know when to start looking :-)

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Re: Whats the rule on BK7

The first LO.

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