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When to refresh credit report before closing?

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When to refresh credit report before closing?

When I first had my credit pulled in May for my purchase, my mid score was 640. I've paid off/gotten some stuff removed/fallen off since then, and my mid score is now 680. Obviously, I want to get my credit report updated but closing is set for 11/29. How long should I wait to have them re-pull? I want to only have to do it once and I know that there's a timeframe involved, but am not sure what it is.


It's an FHA purchase, and there's almost no chance of crossing into a better score band between now and closing. Everything that could be done has been, and nothing else is set to fall off until next year.

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Re: When to refresh credit report before closing?

Talk to your Lender about when they plan to re pull your credit. They likely will do it 30 to 45 days prior to closing. The LO can let you know the timing.
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