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Worried in underwriting


Worried in underwriting

My loan is currently in underwriting. About 3 weeks ago I wrote a letter to Credit One requesting they remove two late payments from last year. To my shock it was removed from all 3 credit bureaus. Then today I received an alert from Credit Karma saying the two late payments are back on my Equifax report. I'm kinda freaking out because we're already under contract for selling my home. Could this potentially cause my loan to be denied?
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Re: Worried in underwriting

Don't worry. The lender has already pulled your credit. They will only pull a refresh just before closing. This is done to make sure you haven't opened any lines of credit or increased your payments. Worst case, be prepared to write an good LOE disputing those lates. Explain  that you were successful in having them deleted on other two bureaus. Explain that once your loan is closed, you will start a new dispute with that bureau. If you need coaching, call your LO for guidance.


Best wishes to you!

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