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bk explanation letter?

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bk explanation letter?

Where can i find a bk explanation letter sample? My LO  has requested i write one and don't know where to start.. Thank You

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Re: bk explanation letter?

I know for me it was just a honest few sentences of why I filed bk. I just put I was a single mother my finances got way over my head and I spiraled out of control and had no other choice after seeking advice from family and friends but to file bk. But I have regained my life and finances and I am in complete control of my life and finances and I that was my past behind me and my immature nature from years back and I felt I was ready to stand on my own and I felt I am ready and strong enough to purchase a home, etc.


I kept it short and simple.


Hope this helps and good luckSmiley Happy

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Re: bk explanation letter?

Very well put.  Bottom line is that you want to explain (unemotionally) what happened, how you recovered, and why it will not happen again.  You do not want to BS it becuase they may call you on the BS.  They have every right to request proof of any conditions, etc.  So if you say someone died or there was an illness, be prepared to show some proof. 99% chance they will not ask, but they have the right to.  In the end,  just be upfront and to the point.

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Re: bk explanation letter?

Here is what  I wrote. Hopefully, it can help someone.


Dear Underwriter,

I am writing to explain the bankruptcy filed and discharged July 2008. I filed bankruptcy due to extenuating financial circumstances.

In 2007 my husband was released from his position as an Auto Sales Associate. The financial strain of going from a two income home to one was a difficult process. As a result I was responsible for all household bills and was unable to fulfill the obligation to every creditor and all household bills. Creditors threatened to take me to court in order to recover the debts. If this were to happen I would not be able to pay the lease on the apartment and the entire family would have no place to stay. My daughter was born in August 2007 and I could not let this happen and filed for protection under Chapter 7.


I realize tough economic times can happen to anyone. I learned through my experience to budget and plan wisely to ensure I don’t become overextended. I have also learned to use credit wisely and only purchase what I can afford to pay off in one paycheck. This means don’t borrow without a plan to repay the debt. This is evidenced by my low credit utilization. Additionally, in 2009 I completed my Associate of Science in Business Administration. I plan to complete my Bachelor in HR Management and my MBA to make myself more marketable in this tough economic climate. I have emerged stronger, wiser and more dedicated to being fiscally responsible.

Thank you for taking the time to review my explanation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX.


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