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credit score, USDA

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credit score, USDA

We've just applied for USDA loan. The mid-score they've pulled was 699 for me and 680 for my wife.


Truecredit showed mid-score 677 and 631. Had myfico pulled 2 months ago and got 677 and 630.



We've finished the paperwork and now waiting for pre-qual. My wife has just only 1.5 yrs work history within the


last 2 yrs therefore it will go to manual underwriting.


We've shopped for loan and got pretty much the same rates everywhere. I've to tell you sometimes it took several


phonecall to get things done. Finally we've found a new development and their LO is way faster than any other.



BTW When you see an ad saying NO CDD fee just don't be surprised if you will find out it isn't true. The CDD


fee has two part. The bond and the operating and maintenance fee. They like to separate the two, pay out the


bond and telling you they paid the CDD and then charge you for O&M fee.


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