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lets put some fun back into home buying!!!!

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Re: lets put some fun back into home buying!!!!

Ant41 wrote:
My wife and I plan to have sex after closing in every room. Gotta break it in. Lol

Ummm yeah but please put up curtains first Smiley Frustrated

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Re: lets put some fun back into home buying!!!!

drkaje wrote:



I thought this was going to be a thread about why some places were rejected.


Someone makes a dry-erase wallpaper. That might be a good addition to my study room, in a few years.

oh no, this is definitely not a thread about that! lol

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Re: lets put some fun back into home buying!!!!

I'm going to make dinner, annoy the kids, and relax with a cigar outside.

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Re: lets put some fun back into home buying!!!!

Thank you guys so much for this topic.  I was having a horribly depressing day yesterday, but decided to wake up today and enjoy the home I am so very lucky to call my own because of what you all have said here.


We closed last August, and right now it is spring, as we all know.  The lady that owned the house has done some serious work outside on the landscape.  Beautiful trees and flowers and grass.  Every day I get to wake up and see what is blooming!  The lilacs are so big that you can smell them before you walk on the property.


Major parts of the grass is dead due to no one taking care of the house while it was empty  (DANG Fannie Mae HomePath) and me being too lazy of a raker, and DH being too busy hunting the entire first month we moved in.  So we have aerated and thatched and spent over 10 hrs planting grass seed - It's not coming in very well, not sure what happened, so the luxurious lawn I imagined is going to have to wait another spring (Or we still have two weeks til it has been a month, maybe a miracle will happen).


I'm so proud of the house - I love it when someone comes over for the first time and I can show it off.  We all love living here and our lives are so much better than before - me:  Because I feel so proud and have less shame as a person with bad credit and no house.


I am still here on the forums hanging around and trying to pay it back, but also am sending out positive vibes to each and every one of you in the process of buying your homes.  Hang in there, because it will be totally worth it!   Remember, what's meant to be WILL be, and you have to just trust the process, trust your lender, your realtor, and most importantly, your GUT!  We backed out of a short sale after 3 months of waiting because our guts told is "This is not the house."  We were then led to this one (After some hard searching) and haven't looked back.  We closed 17 days after we put in our offer!


love y'all!

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Re: lets put some fun back into home buying!!!!

FrugalRican wrote:

For when the day eventually comes.


#1 Buy a Monopoly board game.

#2 Walk into empty living room with Monopoly board game

#3 Unpack Monopoly board game

#4 Open Monopoly board game

#5 Place a monocle on my left eye

#6 Remove all the Monopoly money and pile it up into both hands

#7 Throw the Monopoly money in the air and make it rain

#8 Clean up the mess





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Re: lets put some fun back into home buying!!!!

Ooh, I almost forgot! I own a pool table. The poor thing has been in storage for 4 years now and I keep forgetting it even exists!


I'm going to set it up in the garage because, well, the Saturn is not worthy of something like a garage and the pool table is not worthy of the family room.. lol


When I bought the pool table, I cared more about it being regulation size rather than it being attractive. I really honestly hate the style of, but, it will be wonderful to have it out in the garage. Only thing missing then will be a kegerator..  Also going in the garage..  I know up in the north basements usually serve that purpose, but, as we don't have many basements here in sunny Florida, the garage is pretty much our basement.. lol


Also don't have snow, which I feel is the most pressing reason to have a garage. Smiley Happy


Yay! Beer and pool, I'll feel alive again!

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