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looking for auto/rv loan post bk7

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looking for auto/rv loan post bk7

I'm looking for a motorcycle loan this spring with a discharged bk7 09/07 (filed 05/07). Only FICO score I've checked so far is 625 with EQ (using service). My credit history prior to 2000 was great, but job loss spiraled me down to eventually doing a CH7 last year. Since the CH7 I've secured 5 cc's with a total limit of $3300, no bad or lates since the discharge. I'll have the util on each card at 1% in a month. After reading on other threads about the util% I feel this is my best shot to further increase my score. Currently util is reporting as 95% although actual as of today is 0%. I've seen (checked out that WAMU seems to be fairly easy to get a CC with post bk7, but has anyone had any luck with auto loans this soon (6 to 7 months discharged when I actually apply) after a bk7? I do have a checking and savings with WAMU - have had these for almost a year now. Income (same employer since 11/06) of 48500 is direct deposited to them so possibly a direct deduction from my checking to the loan would entice them? My goal is to be back to near or above 700 by 09/09 in time to apply for a mortgage - from what I've read the auto loan with substantial pay history could add 100 points which would be great. My local bank already said they won't do loans with any bk under 2 years old, so I'm not sure if WAMU would be the same on auto loans or not (no local branch to just walk in and speak face to face with a loan officer which is the plan once I'm ready to apply). My DTI is very low - somewhere in the neighborhood of 15%. Anyone had any prior good experiences with banks/finance companies in a similar situation? Many thanks in advance!

Forgot to add - I will have at least $1000 for down payment, $1500 could be done also, possibly up to $2000. Total amount of loan will be no more than $7500.

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