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mortgage company giving me problems.

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mortgage company giving me problems.

I decided to close down escrow account and pay my own taxes and insurance. Bought the insurance faxes the declaration page, wrote letter to escrow department to close account and they said 5 days it would be closed and they would mail me the 1200 in escrow account. Taxes for 2015 already paid. They decided to pay my whole years insurance instead of giving me balance of escrow. 850.00. Ok so now there's a 350 balance to mail to me. I call back 2 weeks later and they never closed account and told me I still have to pay 680.00 for Novembers mortgage. 380.00 payment, and 300 escrow. Now taxes, and insurance paid in full. My escrow account should be closed. So now they owe me 650.00. Same thing for December now it's 950.00. January payments due and they want 650.00 again. Why am I paying for escrow when everything is paid and it should be closed. They tell me there having escrow department problems and they are backed up. This is since middle of october. I followed all the right steps to close this escrow account. So I said give me the escrow departments number and they say they can't be contacted. I said will I get back money and they say we can't be sure. I'm paying an xtra 300 a month for what. Ocwen is the worst.
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Re: mortgage company giving me problems.

Mike in a bad mood cause-


"I'm paying an xtra 300 a month for what?."


Then I read-


"man said escrow dept can't be contacted"


And THAT made me want to call the mortgage company and say-


"What ya mean they can't be contacted??  They didn't pay the phone bill or the ISP??  Will a telegram work??  Send a western union guy up there in one of those funny uniforms they use to wear to deliver the message.  "Ya'll are still holding my money on a account that is CLOSED."


I don't blame him, I'd be in a bad mood to.  I can promise ya, if Mike was late on a payment everyone would be on the phone on their end.  Its funny when its their money, everything has a sense of urgency, but when its YOURS, "take a seat, get to it when we can."

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Re: mortgage company giving me problems.

Ocwen is one of the worst mortgage servicing company's around.


Make sure you document everything you are doing in this critical stage.  Check your written mortgage that you signed at closing for any information on paying your own taxes and insurance. 


Do everything in writing. I strongly suggest sending communication to Ocwen through snail mail, return receipt request.


If you can't get Ocwen to acknowledge that they have closed the escrow account, report to the CFPB. You may also want to write a QWR for a RESPA violation.


Double check with your insurance company that your insurance is actually paid.  It would not be the first time that Ocwen claimed they paid the insurance and then failed to do so.

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