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new tradeline still not showing

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new tradeline still not showing

I was pre approved, found a home, have inspection and appraisal ordered. My LO told me not to app for any new credit which i havnt but I just realized that i have a new capital one card with a 500 dollar limit that i was approved for in November that has not shown up on my reports yet and I just started this loan process a few weeks ago so you can clearly see the inquiry was in november and i have not done anything new. How will this affect anything or am I being paranoid? MY LO asked me about the inquiry and i explained to him that it was in november and he didnt seem to concerned but my nerves are on edge.

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Re: new tradeline still not showing

The LO knows about it then don't worry about it. Inquiries before applying for a mortgage is different that those done after applying for a mortgage. Remember that processing/approving one's mortgage application is a "black art" practiced by magicians ... aka underwriters.

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