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"Dispute comment" keeps being manually added back on every month?

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"Dispute comment" keeps being manually added back on every month?

I have multiple accounts that keep somehow getting a "dispute comment" added back on to the account, they were in dispute long long ago but nothing has changed on them and they are literally closed accounts so they have no activity on them.


I call each bureau monthly and have them remove all dispute comments and then low and behold it finds it's way back there every month. I have not called or gone online or done anything at all with my credit to start a new dispute. I even pulled my credit directly from each bureau and the dispute comments don't even show up there.


It's very frustrating while going through the mortgage process. Should I freeze my credit in between pulls to get this to stop?


any ideas?

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Re: "Dispute comment" keeps being manually added back on every month?

Not all accounts in dispute need to be removed from being in dispute.  If it's a $0 balance then it's unlikely the dispute will be required to be removed, but if there is a balance then there are certain thresholds for the accumulative balances of disputed derogatory accounts.  Since you are aware that disputes sometimes need to be removed you may be familiar with those guidelines.  I'm not sure how to prevent the dispute comments from coming back on though, you could try discussing with the creditor if you aren't otherwise trying to avoid them, you could ask the credit bureaus, and also since this is more of a credit question than mortgage qualifying question you may also get more feedback posting your question to to

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