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safe to send PFD while in mortgage process?

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safe to send PFD while in mortgage process?

I recently was pre-approved for a mortgage, and will be having a house built in the next 6 months.  I am currently trying to get my score up as much as possible for better rates when they re-check my credit when it gets closer to closing time, Oct-Nov.  I typed up about 5 PFD letters, but have be nervous about sending them off for fear something might backfire and mess up my already low scores.  My LO said NOT to pay off any collections, as it was not necessary. Should I just hang tight with what I have since we were already preapproved, or is it pretty safe to send the letters?  I am not sure if there are any risks to sending them but I don't want anything to happen, as this process has been so stressful and emotionally draining!  Anyone with any insight?   On a happy note, I did have Old Navy remove a 60 day deliquency for me Smiley Happy  yay!


Thanks Smiley Happy

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