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very confused, please give me some answers

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very confused, please give me some answers

Ok, this may sound completely foreign but hopefully some of you guys have some knowledge on this matter.  so I spoke to another loan officer, she is the person who helped my mom with her mortgage 10 years ago, she now works for Amerifirst Mortgage and shes is very knowleagable. My husband has been a US resident for 1yr but has been in the country for almost 10yrs.  He has been at the same job for seven years and he gets a w2.  Before he got the permanent residence he filed with his tax ID but we noticed his w2 from last yr and before have a different number.  The person who I spoke to today told me we will not be able to get through underwriting with that issues because the banks will need verifiable income for two years.  My husband has always filed his taxes, his employers can verify his information, time at the job, and all of that.  Can we really not buy a house because of this?

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Re: very confused, please give me some answers

Call or visit the IRS and ask for help in documenting his taxes. That it was filed under a tax ID vs a social security number does not make it impossible to prove his income for mortgage underwriting purposes. A CPA is also a good source to figure out how to go about documenting the income.

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