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what to do?

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what to do?

so I am purchasing my first home, I have been in underwriting for about 5 business days, my lo is barely getting back to me. we are suppose to close monday. yeah, im freaking out.


I also dont know what will happen after my LO says ok underwriting is done, what happens next, I know I have to sign papers and stuff, do I make that appointment? sorry to sound like such a newbie, lol but I literally have no idea of what to expect.

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Re: what to do?

At this point, you need to contact your agent and ask him to contact the title company. If the underwritter signed the clear to close documents, then the documents should forward to the title company. Your agent suppose to get with the title company and arrange the closing date. Hope you will get through this loan...

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Re: what to do?

Well Monday is still 3 business days away, it's still possible to get the documents there for closing by then.  5 days is a little on the long side, should just be about 1-2 days on a purchase loan, I'd catch your loan officer or your processor and ask how long is their underwriting turn time - it may be that it just takes about 5-6 days with them, you couldn't be certain unless you asked.


After you get the "clear to close" (like TheZealous mentioned) the final loan documents are sent to the title company and a signing/closing date is coordinated with you and the sellers.

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