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$10k personal loan approval / local credit union, post BK!

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$10k personal loan approval / local credit union, post BK!

Good morning and happy Saturday!


I wanted to give the community some data points for a recent approval I got from my local credit union, $10,000 personal unsecured loan.

A hidden gem I never hear about on the forums, probably because the small footprint they service. State Employees Credit Union located in Albuquerque NM. I have been a member since December 2018, until recently I have just had a checking and savings here, small portion of my check deposited monthly ($500). BK7 discharged 01/2018. This credit union was not included.


They are awesome for a few reasons, 1) they do not pull chex. 2) 580 is minumum score for credit products. 3) They have a cashback checking account. 4) the web/app interface is awesome and up-to-date.


I do not have a credit card from them yet but they did inform me that max limit on cards is $10k. 

They hardpull Experian for membership and credit products, pull is good for 30 days, and can be used for other products.

They also told me there is a minimum of 2 years post bk discharge, before they will consider credit apps. 


They pulled my Experian at 695, idk what scoring model. 

DTI 24% / Income $58,000 / 5 inq

I applied on Tuesday , went to review and they called me on Friday , sent me E-sign doc's and cash deposited into my checking within minutes!

9% interest rate on loan.


I hope these data points help!



Have a great weekend Fico Family Smiley Happy


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Re: $10k personal loan approval / local credit union, post BK!

Congratulations on your approval! Thank you for sharing the data points.
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Re: $10k personal loan approval / local credit union, post BK!

Congrats! PL are best way to go, if your going to carry a balance. Makes life much easier 👍👍

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