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A bit of BT gamesmanship - any feedback?

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Re: A bit of BT gamesmanship - any feedback?

Let us know how this all plays out please.


I remember a bunch of lender shennigans from anecdotal reports over time so I've never really played that game for all that I have been a Penfed member for a while (my now unnecessary PLOC is there) and NFCU will be sorted basically right after my mortgage closes even if I think I miss the BT window for this year.


I'm interested to see what happens in your case as a result.

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Re: A bit of BT gamesmanship - any feedback?

@wwalter2718 wrote:

Agreed, in general. 


At 1.99%, though, I'm not losing too many $, and I like to have the cash on hand (held in various accounts at between 3% and 6.17% interest rates) esp. since upcoming costs are a little unpredictable. 

What savings accounts are giving between 3-6% interest?  And are there balance limits?

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Re: A bit of BT gamesmanship - any feedback?

Orion FCU recently limited the balance eligible for 3% to $15k on its Premium Checking account.  I believe it's still 2% for an add'l amount, but I don't recall what the 2% limit is since I'm stopping at the 3% level.


Elements FCU has 3% on up to $20k on the High Interest Checking acct.


Both have relatively painless monthly transaction requirements, but you have to be eligible for & join the respective credit unions.


Netspend prepaid cards pay 5% on up to $1k in a linked savings acct. There are 5 flavors you can get, so a total of $5k.  Just never use the card itself; lots of potential fees.


Digital FCU claims 6.17% yield on their savings acct, limited to $1k.  Again, membership required.


If you haven't visited, head over there for much more... Oh, and "Financial Panther" for a long article on the Netspend angle.


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