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AMEX Bank Foolishness


Re: AMEX Cards and AMEX Bank

I like ally. They’ve been quick with transfers, especially incoming ones where they don’t seem to place a hold on the funds at all anymore. Not that an online bank needs to anyway - I’m limited to the atm withdrawal limit per day anyway and if I already had more than that in the account it doesn’t make sense to put a hold on money incoming from a known account. If a bank really wants to win my business for the long term, no hold time and no fees is what I’m looking for. They answer the phone immediately when I call and the interest rate keeps going up so I’m happy. I’ve transferred large amounts out a few times so I feel comfortable with it now but at first I was really nervous about putting most of my money in an online bank.

Maybe I’ll stick with ally for savings rather than Amex for now, since my experience has been positive. I had discover bank briefly before ally and I hated it, their hold times were insane, and I tried using their debit card for withdrawals and transactions and found that none of it was updated in real time, it took like 2 days for transactions to even show on their app. Customer service would run me around in circles and seemed confused about the processes within their own bank. This was two years ago, hopefully they’ve improved
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Re: AMEX Bank Foolishness

Sorry this happened to you. I have no experience with Amex bank. When I see/hear Amex anything my visceral response is Run Forrest Run!

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