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American Express BCE plus personal loan pre-approval

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Re: American Express BCE plus personal loan pre-approval

@Wavester64 wrote:

@pizzadude wrote:

@Wavester64 wrote:

@pizzadude wrote:

No prepayment penalty, see

How about saving on interest of the months you paid it off early? (checking your link now as I ask this question)

I don't believe the interest is front-loaded on these loans but you'd have to confirm the details in the loan agreement.

I gotta say this : I still don't know about my interest dilemma,  but that had to be the EASIEST loan I ever did. Submitted the app yesterday late afternoon, I was approved immediately, and then this morning I woke up early and the money was already sitting in my account. For this and many other reasons is why I love being with AMEX! Smiley Happy

I've had a couple of 'em, and my experience was the same as yours... easy-peasy. Smiley Happy


About your interest question... I paid off my last one early, and there was no "refund," per se, but the savings comes from not having to pay interest on a zero balance.  Like @pizzadude mentioned it's a no-fee/simple interest loan, so there's nothing to 'refund'.


I suspect they use that boilerplate language to give themselves room if they ever make changes to the program, but at this time it's moot.

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