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Amex Personal Loan

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Amex Personal Loan

I love Amex! Logged in today and a message pops up have been preapproved for a loan up to $10k @ 8%. I thought I will try it. Only 5 clicks and Bammm. Your funds will be deposited in your account...i got the message. $230 payment for 36 months. I only wanted $7500. Will use to pay a 21% CC with 53.



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Re: Amex Personal Loan

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Re: Amex Personal Loan


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Re: Amex Personal Loan

Yeah their process is so easy a caveman can do itSmiley Wink. Just have to have an offer. Enjoy your loanSmiley Happy
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Re: Amex Personal Loan

Congratulations on your approval!
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Re: Amex Personal Loan



I wish they'd contact me to offer a loan.  Send me some love, Amex.  Smiley Happy


All they do is throw their platinum card at me. 

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Re: Amex Personal Loan


Usually it takes about a year relationship, ymmv, when offers may become available. When you are logged into Amex, all you need to do is check lending options, ie like checking for prequals on ccs. You will see Personal Loans and there you can see if you have any offers. It will ssy not at this time or if you are eligble, you will see it there. You have to have an offer to apply for one but it doesnt hurt to check here every once in awhile . This is where i saw mine. I wouldnt expect an offer to be sent to you unless you are a very profitable customer. Good luck, it will happen, sincerely AJC McLuvinSmiley Happy
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Re: Amex Personal Loan

Not to mention there’s no hard pull! I was approved for a $3,500 loan, which is EXACTLY the amount I wanted. I’ve had a relationship with AMEX for a little over a year, and this is the first time I’ve ever seen any offers for a loan.

Quick question: this will post to your credit reports, right? It said something about not affecting your credit, but I’m assuming that was regarding the hard pull.
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Re: Amex Personal Loan

Congrats! There should be a DP thread on amex loans.

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Re: Amex Personal Loan

Congrats on loan. Yes this will report to all 3 bureaus as a personal loan, not a revolving accountSmiley Happy.
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