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Amex Personal Loan

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Re: Amex Personal Loan

Ooh, I wish they would offer me a loan. Congrats!

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Re: Amex Personal Loan

Hmm Amex just offered me 7800 at 8.98 for 36mo... slightly tempting to deal with a small issue.. but i can wait a bit...



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Re: Amex Personal Loan

Big congrats! Funny how things work out! I just joined the AMEX family 2 weeks ago. Looking forward to offers like that to handle little things here and there and establish better relationships. Cheers!

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Re: Amex Personal Loan

@joltdude This is what I thought the first time I saw a personal loan offer. I haven't received a personal offer since. Use it or lose it lol.
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Re: Amex Personal Loan

The offers come and go.. some of my earlier offers were very low (not a useful amount) and/or at a joke APR...

I have no idea how they figure out what to offer....



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Re: Amex Personal Loan

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
Congrats on loan. Yes this will report to all 3 bureaus as a personal loan, not a revolving accountSmiley Happy.

I figured, but had to ask! This won't affect my ability for a CLI in 2 months, will it? My one and only CLI with AMEX was back on 9/12/19. I mean other factors might, but I'm just asking specifically about aquiring the loan with AMEX. 

I think I've found the sacred map that may lead me to this garden everyone keeps talking about.

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Re: Amex Personal Loan

Not sure if anyone else has seen this but I noticed that recently the Consumer Finance Account code showed up as a reason for my EX Fico 2 being low(720). I'm not currently in the market for a mortgage loan so not troubling me too much but as far as I can tell this Amex personal loan is the only thing that would be making that appear there. Never used Affirm or financed any items from a retailer.


Just a word of caution if anyone is being careful about avoiding CFAs. If anyone else who has a personal loan through Amex open wants to chime in with DPs suggesting maybe I'm wrong here I bet they would be appreciated.

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Re: Amex Personal Loan

My loan didnt show up as a CFA but then again , my scores dont rise and one of my previous loans may act as one?.

Queen, this shouldnt affect your cli requests unless your obligations to Amex become too high in relation to your income.
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Re: Amex Personal Loan

@AverageJoesCredit Did you specifically check EX2 and do you have less than four reason codes there? (So we know it wasn’t pushed off.)
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Re: Amex Personal Loan

Sorry @Anonymous, in regards to? Im a little slow todaySmiley Wink
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