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Anyone use Tally?

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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Re: Anyone use Tally?

im like number 3700 in line... wonder how long we will be at the front of the que, I did get an email about an hour ago asking me my name, state, Fico score, etc
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Re: Anyone use Tally?

Here is the FAQ, which answers a lot of questions.

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Re: Anyone use Tally?

@Creditaddict wrote:

it's called meettally and you load your credit accounts and then they do a sp to see if they can offer you a Tally Credit Line to pay your credit cards and save you interest I'm gathering so far... They talk of being on a wait list but when it came across my Facebook last night I downloaded it and I was able to continue, my friend downloaded it minutes after me as I told him to and he is on the waitlist.  I added a Capital One account and a Chase account to test it as it says I'm not very likely to qualify with the score range I told them but when it goes to do the sp check if I qualify it's giving an error and they are closed today so I will try again tomorrow and see but it's interesting to me.  Almost seems like an instant personal line of credit for as low as 7.9% with a sp which in theory could be amazing!


No but its interesting... Too bad they are playing the "waitlist game" with it

No muss, no fuss, but could be a good sidekick with bts for shorter term fixes..


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Re: Anyone use Tally?

I got a email from a person there, I then Emailed the CEO to put me in front of the waitlist, sooo we will see!
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Re: Anyone use Tally?

IMG_4482.PNGEmailed the Co-founder asking to be placed next in line and I got this response! 

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Re: Anyone use Tally?

Creditplz, be sure to let us know how it goes! And what CB they pull.


I'm intrigued. I may be interested when my only baddie falls off around July. Not sure I would get a good enough rate to help right now.

Giving up on the images for now

Stepped out of the garden 10/9/16

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Re: Anyone use Tally?

I reached out and got this as well.


Let's see how this goes! I hope we can get in this week.

MY CC Pics are too big now - lol.
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Re: Anyone use Tally?

Ok so it pays off the cards for you then starts charging you interest on what they lend to pay it? Pass. Ok so this is only for those carrying balances and can get a lower apr through tally....Eh ok so not really meant for people that don't carry balances. 

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Re: Anyone use Tally?

That's all a personal loan is. Youre paying the new bank interest on new terms. The guarantee of paying off existing cards is great, as ive been denied consolidation loans. If youve never been stuck like that, its ugly to not have a way out. When even unfavorable loan rates are out of reach… very stressful
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Re: Anyone use Tally?

This is interesting...don't have a need for it at the monent, but put my name down anyway...cannot wait to get updates from some of the myFicoers at the top of the list. Smiley Wink

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