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Applying to NFCU through deceased family member?

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Re: Applying to NFCU through deceased family member?

@USER1056689 wrote:

After reading this post, I was curious and called NFCU.  I asked them what documentation is needed to open an account since my father is not a member but served in the Navy I wanted to know what documents get from him since he lives in another state.  She said I can do it over the phone now or just stop by a branch and deposit 5.00 in the savings account and I will be a member. 


All I need to bring is a photo id and a 2nd form verifying my address (utility bill, mortgage statement, paystub).

This is correct for opening but if they can’t verify military affiliation they will put a security freeze on your account and you will have to submit his DD-214 to regain account access. I would just ask him for a copy of it and take it with you to the branch so it’s on file and you don’t have to worry about it later. 

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Re: Applying to NFCU through deceased family member?

Definitely.  Online it says you can use any of the following if it is required:

  • Driver's License with Veteran's designation
  • State-issued Veteran ID Card
  • Military orders
  • Leave orders
  • Earning statement (LES)
  • Enlistment papers
  • Proof of direct deposit from DoD
  • Pension papers from DoD
  • DD 214
  • NGB 22


I'm not sure if I'll join yet but there is a branch about 1/4 mile from my house and somehow I never noticed it until the other day.  I see so many people on here raving about the CL's etc. so maybe I will join.

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Re: Applying to NFCU through deceased family member?

@Standby wrote:



I would try to get a copy of a DD-214 if you can.


It isn't strictly required to open an account with NFCU but IMO good to have documentation if your account gets selected for audit. 


Thank you. It was over 62 years ago so I guess it should be easy. it looks through that website that they mail them and don't offer them online though.

I called NFCU today and got in. I chose the savings account and deposited $5 and will be receiving my welcome packet in the mail. Same story as everyone else and they didn't even ask me my grandfather's name or dates. I will still get that DD-214 though just incase.

Edit - Which one do I need?


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Re: Applying to NFCU through deceased family member?

The undeleted one.


I'm a veteran myself so I didn't need to go through this process.

I have been meaning to get around to ordering a copy of my late father's DD-214 though.
So I put in a request myself.

Looks like you found the eVetRecs too.

The National Archives site seems to work better for the purpose of requesting service records than that VA link.

You can submit most of the info online rather than filling out the SF 180 form. You still need to snail mail a signature form though.


We'll see how this goes. I hope I gave them enough info to find the record.

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