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Approved for Marcus Loan 10K

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Approved for Marcus Loan 10K



I have a credit card Debt that i am paying at high interest, So i checked the MARCUS Pre-Qualification Page for Personal loan Options.


Got approved for 10K @9.99% 36 Months or 10K @10.99 60 months. Took 36 Months Option. After i applied, they asked for Paystubs and DL for verification. 


Pulled TU, and my score in TU is 675, with 1 inquiry in the past year. Income @ 102K.


Planning to payoff the Loans soon.


Thanks for the valuable tips and Hope this helps. 



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Re: Approved for Marcus Loan 10K

Congratulations on your approval!

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Re: Approved for Marcus Loan 10K


so marcus do require paystubs!!!!! if i was self employed it wouldn't work with Marcus.


Thats good to know. i m thinking of changing my payments into a paystub this coming year.


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Re: Approved for Marcus Loan 10K

Welcome phani333! Congrats on your approval! I have a Marcus Loan also, and yes they asked for Paystubs. However, my girlfriend just got a loan with them several months back but only 4K and they DID NOT ask for here Pay Stubs.

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Re: Approved for Marcus Loan 10K

Hi Maharshi.


For the verification of income, they gave different choices. Either i can send the most recent paystub, or I can submit the W2 or Last year Tax return info.



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Re: Approved for Marcus Loan 10K

There's been several approvals reported here with no POI. YMMV

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