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Arkansas Federal CU - DP's


Arkansas Federal CU - DP's

A friend of mine applied for a checking/savings account since she and DH are in the process of buying vacation property there. She had spoken to a rep and was assured they would have no issues, the association he belongs is eligible etc. She did the app online for checking/savings and got we will be in touch message. She didn't give it much thought and figured she would hear something soon since Covid had banks closed. A few days ago she got a letter saying the CU is geofenced and membership was denied. 


DP's from the denial letter

Geofenced to Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, and Mississippi

They pulled Chex and provided a Qualifile score

SP on TU and provided her score

Moving away from big banks and building my credit union relationships
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Re: Arkansas Federal CU - DP's

Thank you for sharing the data points.

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Re: Arkansas Federal CU - DP's

Good to know, and thanks for sharing.

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Re: Arkansas Federal CU - DP's

Thank you for the info on Arkansas Federal --- I LOOOOOVE credit union information!!
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