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BECU Eligibility Question

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Re: BECU Eligibility Question

@Anonymous wrote:

I went ahead and re-applied with BECU, and I was approved this time.


I had previously applied in mid-January, but I was declined membership to the credit union due to excessive ChexSystems inquiries (three in December and those were all that I had).


I too had many hurdles to overcome in order to become a member. I applied using my tablet. It took my initial application, but they wanted me to upload copies of my driver's license and SS card, which I was unable to do through my tablet. I called asking if I could e-mail the two to them. I was told that was not possible, but that I could fax them.


Since I would need to fax them copies of my license and SS card anyways, I decided to fill out a paper application and include that in the fax. I also included a copy of my internet bill, letter explaining why I wanted to join the credit union, and my welcome e-mail to NW Credit Union Foundation. I faxed all these from my work.


I called later that day to check on my status. The person I spoke with said that they could not see my information, and that the system would update overnight and to call back in two days. I called back in two days, and again I was told they had no record of the fax. I went to the UPS store and faxed everything again. It took three attempts by the employee at the UPS store to get the fax to go through.


I called again after I got home to see if they had received the fax. I was told no yet but to call back in about an hour. I called back, and by coincidence I got ahold of the exact same customer service representative. She put me on hold and checked with another department. When she came back on the line, she told me they had received the fax, but it was too blurry to read my information. She asked me to fax it again. She said she would also make notes on my account, so when I called again the next representative would know what had been occurring.


I faxed everything a third time; this time using GotFreeFax premium. I called in again. I could tell the customer service representative was reading the notes regarding my troubles. Again I was put on hold as the agent called over to another department. She came back on the line and said they still could not read my license and SS card, but they would e-mail me a link to upload copies of both them. Something that I had I been told multiple times was not possible.


I checked my e-mail and there was the link. I go to the link and browse for copies of my license and SS card. I hit submit and the upload failed. I tried again with a different browser; again no success. The next day I decide to resize the files and try again. Success! There was not any error message regarding the file size nor any initial notation about file sizes. Early in the afternoon on the next business day, I received a welcome e-mail. I did the initial funding with about $20 through a co-op branch.


For about the next two weeks, almost EVERY SINGLE TIME I would login I had to go through the two-factor verification. It did not matter if I was logging in from my phone or my computer. One Sunday, I tried logging in on my tablet. It said I was locked out for security reasons and to call in to regain access. I tried logging in on my computer, and I was still able to. I was not able to login from my phone though. Their customer service is closed on Sundays, so I had to wait until the next day. I called in, and I was told everything was ok. I have not had ANY problems logging in since, and I have not had to do the two-factor verification again either.


I have been a member for about six weeks now, without any other problems. I waited before posting this update, to see if any other problems would occur.

Good to know you were able to join eventually. BECU never asked me for any sort of verification but I did run into the 2-factor authentication issue for about 30 days.

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Re: BECU Eligibility Question

I went through the same exact process. Was a member for two weeks and was already approved for credit card and loc. My account was suspended until I sent verification via fax. After several failed fax attempts they gave me an email to send my documents to and eventually regained access to my accounts. If it went for the high starting limit card and loc I would have probably given up on it.

On a side note, I applied for several other credit unions after my instant approval for BECU and was declined cc/membership to all. Seems like im only approved for a credit card when a computer decides rather than an manual UW.
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Re: BECU Eligibility Question

@Green456 wrote:

Good to know you were able to join eventually. BECU never asked me for any sort of verification but I did run into the 2-factor authentication issue for about 30 days.


Thanks!  I now have my sights set on Premier Members Credit Union next.

Smiley Happy


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