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Bank account denied because of chexsystems score (but a clean report)

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Re: Bank account denied because of chexsystems score (but a clean report)

@jl4 wrote:

@AllZero wrote:
Congratulations on DW approval?

I love your cautious optimism. 😂


We'll see what happens when she registers... if the account shows up and the debit card arrives in the mail, we'll know it's for real. 🙃

Lolz. I'll give you the full blown congratulatory post with exclamation point when she's officially in. 😃

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Re: Bank account denied because of chexsystems score (but a clean report)

denied business account.
Got chexsystems consumer credit score in mail

Factors that affected Score

A second report, that was available online (didn't have to wait for mail) had this:

Reported Information
ChexSystems' clients, which consist mainly of financial institutions, furnish information on closed checking and savings accounts, referred to as reported information. ChexSystems’ current practice is to retain reported
information for a period of five years. The source is under no obligation to remove accurate information, even if paid, but is obligated to update the report with a paid in full or settled in full status and date when applicable.

No Information Found

Inquiries Viewed By Others
This section refers to transactions involving you and are the result of someone accessing your ChexSystems
information, typically in connection with a business transaction you initiated with them. The company listed on
this type of inquiry requested information from your consumer file on the date(s) specified. These inquires may
impact your consumer report and may be included in reports to others. These inquiries remain on your file for
up to 3 years.

Inquirer: xxxx BANK (1) xxx
Phone Number: xxxx
Inquiry Date: 01/29/2021
SSN/ID Provided:

Inquirer: xxxx BANK (2) xxx
Phone Number: xxxx
Inquiry Date: 01/16/2021
SSN/ID Provided:

Inquirer: xxxx BANK (3) xxx
Phone Number: xxxx
Inquiry Date: 01/12/2021
SSN/ID Provided:

Inquiries Viewed Only By You
This section refers to transactions you may or may not have initiated. For this reason, you may not always
recognize the source. Inquiries made by medical providers may also be included in this section. The information
listed in this section is only viewable by you. It is not included in reports to others and does not negatively affect your consumer report.

Inquirer: xxxx BANK (3) xxx
Phone Number: xxxx
Inquiry Date: 01/30/2021
SSN/ID Provided:

Retail information
Retail Information refers to returned checks reported by retailers and other businesses to Certegy Check
Services. ChexSystems receives this information from Certegy Check Services, is not involved in the collection
of these items, and retains record of retail information for a period of four years.
No Information Found

History of Checks Ordered
This section displays the check order information that has been reported to ChexSystems within the past five
years. Not all check orders are reported to ChexSystems, therefore, this section may not display all orders that have been placed.

No Information Found

Social Security Number Validation
Social Security Number Validation indicates the year and state that a particular sequence of digits first became available for issuance by the Social Security Administration, or that a particular sequence of digits is available for randomized issuance. This information does not include the name of the individual to whom the number was issued.


Notices include what they think they can do:

You have a right to dispute any item of information contained in your consumer file. If you believe information in your file may be inaccurate or incomplete, you may submit a dispute to ChexSystems using any contact method
listed in the letterhead.
Please be certain to include your Consumer ID number, the source of the information you are disputing and the
nature of your dispute. ChexSystems will mail a letter to notify you of the results of the reinvestigation within approximately 30 days (21 days for residents of Maine) from the date we receive the dispute. if additional
information or documentation relevant to the dispute is provided by you during the course of the reinvestigation, the time frame may be extended by up to 15 days to allow the source sufficient time for review.
You may have a right to place a security freeze on your consumer file. To obtain more information or to place an alert or freeze on your consumer file at ChexSystems, please visit our website at If you are a current resident of AK, AR, CA, CO, DE, DC, FL, GA, IN, MD, MA, MO, MT, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, RI, TN, VT, VA, WV, or WI there may be additional rights and information available to you. Please visit our website at and select the “Security Freeze” link or contact us at the address or telephone number listed above to request a written copy of any applicable state notices.
By submitting your personal information to ChexSystems, you acknowledge your agreement to provide accurate
identifying information and you


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