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Best CD/Savings rate with no minimum

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Re: Best CD/Savings rate with no minimum

depdep8 wrote:
I've googled around and I am not finding much so I'm hoping you all know of some great not so well known bank or credit union that has an awesome rate!

I read somewhere on the forums that one credit union offers 7.0% apy on a checking account but it's only available in Washington so that is out...

I opened a CD with Cap1 at 2.30apy that's the highest rate I've saw... 60months is a long time though... Therefore I only deposited $500 and left the rest in my money market...

I imagine I'm just not looking in the right places...

Thanks in advance!

Here is the Savings database from Doctor of Credit - many great choices available here



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Re: Best CD/Savings rate with no minimum

NFCU actually has 2 CD specials going at the moment.


First is their 12mo 3% APY EasyStart certificate. The catch: max deposit is $3000. But there's only a $50 minimum to open it and you can add to it at any time, up to the maximum.


The other is their 17mo 2% APY certificate. $50min, $50k max, and you can add to it at any time.


2% isn't as high as some other banks but the term is much shorter than anything else comparable I've found. Since rates are going up, I definitely wouldn't want to lock-in for 5 years at barely over 2%.

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