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California Republic Bank?

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California Republic Bank?

Hello, I recently traded a car loan from Ally Financial to "CRB" California Rebulic Bank. Is this a good bank? They have me a 30K auto loan and the dealer said CRB is a top AAA lender? I thought my Fico credit scores were low 611/600 but I suspect a higher score somewhere.
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Re: California Republic Bank?

Definetly not a top lender!!! They are more of a subprime lender who from what ive read try to capitolize on people with less then good credit. Now I currently have a auto loan with them and they will blow your phone up the day after your payment is due until its paid. I did have credit problems but for the car I got and interest rate with an old unpaid repo on my record it was a deal. As ;ong as you stay current on your loan (which evryone plans to) then you will have zero issues with them. 

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Re: California Republic Bank?

Any more, I tend to favor Credit Unions because it seems hard to trust the rates you receive from the normal lenders.

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