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Cash App noob questions


Cash App noob questions

I have Cash App and I'm interested in using it more. I have some stupid beginner questions. I've done a bit of research but haven't found full answers yet; I will add them here if I find them. I have come up with some guesses, however:
  1. Cash App gives me an account number and routing number. I can also get a Cash App debit card. If I pay a bill using one of these, will it automatically pull from my linked banks/cards if my cash app balance is insufficient? Or is there a way to make it do this? My guess is NO.
  2. Cash App has various cash back options. Am I correct that these are (so far) all in the form of "boosts" which must be activated first, and require the Cash debit card? My guess is YES.
  3. Does Cash App or the Cash debit card report normal activity to EWS / Early Warning Services? I know that some banks do this; it seems like Cash App does not but I'm not sure about the debit card. My guess is NO. If I do something nefarious, maybe that's another story, but I'm not worried about that.
  4. When you apply for the Cash debit card, do they run your credit? Do they run your ChexSystems? Do they run your EWS? I don't have anything bad on there but I'm a very light churner (1 or 2 new accounts/year) and trying to minimize Chex/EWS pulls. I'm guessing NO.
  5. Can I load Cash App from one bank and withdraw to another, maybe after a short clearing period? I'm guessing YES.
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Re: Cash App noob questions

1. No it won't 


2. Yes debit card required


3. No they don't report to EWS or Chex


4 . No credit check it's a debit card


5.  Yes you can. Link the debit card you want to ad funds from/ Change the debit once funds are loaded and cash out to the new one



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Re: Cash App noob questions

Beautiful @CreditPoor , many thanks.

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