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Charles Schwab Now Offers Zelle (Natively/In-app)

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Re: Charles Schwab Now Offers Zelle (Natively/In-app)

@UncleB wrote:

I can't do a screen capture (app won't allow it) but my Zelle transfer limits are:


Daily limit:  $2000

30 Day limit:  $5000


  • Number of transactions allowed:  15 per day, 30 per month
  • The 30 days limit includes activity within the last 30 days, including today


I don't know if this is the same for everyone or if it's adjusted based on customer type/relationship (like some other banks do).

D'oh, of course they meant probably Zelle limits 🤦😂

I imagine if someone could raise the limits on their default ACH limits then someone could call Schwab and do it

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Re: Charles Schwab Now Offers Zelle (Natively/In-app)

Great news!


Schwab is already my primary bank and investment firm.  I have two separate accounts, each with $2k daily ATM withdrawal limit and $100k daily mobile deposit limit.  No bank could offer me this. It also doesn't hurt that Schwab customer service is one of the best. 

Now, if they could just waive that pesky international wire transfer fee, I would gladly close out my sapphire checking account. 


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Re: Charles Schwab Now Offers Zelle (Natively/In-app)

Now we just need Fidelity to get their butts off the chair and do the same thing. 

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