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Chase Sapphire Banking?

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Re: Chase Sapphire Banking?

@Aim_High wrote:

If anyone here is either active duty military or a veteran, Chase Military Banking program waives the normal $25 fee on their Premier Plus Checking with no minimum balance requirement.  Smiley Very Happy   Also includes other fee waivers including fees on regular savings accounts.  


Here is the link to military banking:


Chase's banking levels are:

"Secure" ($4.95); "Total Checking" ($12); "Premier Plus" ($25); "Sapphire" ($25); "Private Client" ($35)


However, these fees can be waived with enough activity or balances.  (For example, $15K or a mortgage loan required to waive $25 on Premier Plus and $75K required to waive $25 on Sapphire.)  Anytime I've opened banking, if there were any fees I always made sure I knew the loopholes to try to avoid them.  Life is too short to pay banking fees.  Lol Smiley Wink

Well, I'll be...I banked with Chase for 14 years and never once did anyone offer me the military banking option. Smiley Mad Not even after I refinanced my mortgage with them and used my VA benefits to do so. Tried strongarming me into Chase Private Client? Yes, every time I set foot in the branch. Offer me a benefit that I could really use? No. Had they done so, I might have left a remnant of a banking relationship with them.

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