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Chase Savings Account

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Chase Savings Account

I am a current Chase member with a checking account and a credit card from them. If I open a savings account is it a HP or SP? Thanks everyone.

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Re: Chase Savings Account

My wife just did a checking and a savings account.


It was a SP.

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Re: Chase Savings Account

Savings account should almost always be a SP I would think
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Re: Chase Savings Account

SP for sure, most likely on EX, but that is for ID verification only


EWS will be pulled to determine if account should be opened.  Because some have no EWS file (do not bank with FI that provides info to them), ChexSystems report may be pulled. 



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Re: Chase Savings Account

It will be a soft inquiry at most (the better case might be no additional inquiries at all, but I can't really tell).


This is the inquiry on TransUnion when I opened mine, but I opened checking and savings at the same time. It shows as "account review" inquiry which is a soft. I know there were no hard inquiries related to this on any of EQ/TU/EX since I checked my credit reports some months after opening them.


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