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Chime my first Fin Tech account!

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Re: Chime my first Fin Tech account!

Great point, @Royalbacon. (Looks like you had a few versions of that post stuck in, and now released from, moderation, but no matter.) That renders moot my speculation about the probability of the thing! 😂

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Re: Chime my first Fin Tech account!

@FettHutt wrote:

Opened last night via Swagbucks. Currently a $250 bonus for the checking acct.

I am fixing to do this very same thing now that they are offering it through Swagbucks for $300.



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Re: Chime my first Fin Tech account!

I opened via mypoints in Dec last year and it is still not credited (need to wait 90 days). Chime was 44k.

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